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Welcome to, We develop, Manufacture and distribute GPS products and real time online Tracking service to our customer at very affordable price. These GPS Tracker can be accessed from anywhere in the world remotely. You can log into our hosting site and view live movement and previous movement.

Welcome to our GPS Tracking page. Here you will find GPS trackers and our exclusive real time GPS online tracking site. GPS trackers sends out the location, speed, direction, date and time of any vehicle. The real time GPS online tracking allows you to track that information live!, as its happening.

The equipment that we offer is reliable and stable to leave on a vehicle for 3 months or more. Our GPS tracker are protected by a magnetic, waterproof casing the incloses the entire unit.The magnetic casing is waterproof/weatherproof, crush resistant, collision/ accident resistant and can also survive rugged envirornments, such as bumps, rocks, mud, asphant, potholes and agressive driving.

Not only can the GPS trackers locate vehicle, it can be used anywhere, on anything. You can use GPS trackers for personal safety, family safety, you can monitor a persons driving habits (driving too fast or driving to unwanted places). Real time GPS tracking can solve an infinite amount of problems, like "Where is my delivery person?", "Where is my cargo?", "where is my daughter?". If you or someone you love have an accident, locate them right away!