RGT906E Real-time 3G GPS Tracker <br>(Vehicle System Connection)

RGT906E Real-time 3G GPS Tracker
(Vehicle System Connection)

Item# RGT06EB
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Receive a First 3 month free subscription of WGT Online Tracking site, free!
Absolutely no activation fee!

RGT06E gets you a step ahead with 3G capabilities and better tracking, ideal for fleet tracking and management.Utilizing cutting-edge GPS technology, the GT06E features not only traditional tracking functions as tele-cutoff petrol, geo-fence, SOS alarm, overspeed alert, but optional digital outputs for door detection, vehicle pinpoint by audio-visual alert, external power voltage etc.

So you think GPS trackers are difficult to understand? We make it simple:
Just connect to vehicle battery and turn it on then log in to our TrackSolid Real time Online Tracking site! Simple enough for anyone to use, our GPS trackers will give you a detailed map and show you where a vehicle is currently moving updating every 1 minutes. You can review the vehicle's previous locations and see where the car travelled in a given time period. Also, it can read the speed and time/date of the trip. The GPS is so pinpoint accurate that it will be impossible to misjudge a location.

Easy to setup, The GPS tracker uses third party wireless cellular network to send GPS coordinates to the Server, A Prepaid wireless SIM card is Pre-installed into the tracker, You just need connect the vehicle's battery into tracker, and attach the device to the vehicle. When you need to track it, log in to our TrackSolid Real time Online Tracking site and track live or view any previous activity.

~ When you purchase the GPS tracker, The first 3 months WGT Online GPS Tracking subscription is free, If you want continuously use this tracker After first 3 months free trial, You must purchase W.G.T. Online Tracking subscription .

~ This GPS Tracker can operate up to couple months by using the vehicle's battery. This GPS tracker powers on automatically by vibration or by motion. The unit turns itself off when vibration and motion has stopped. This feature reduces the battery's power consumption, allowing the unit to last longer.

* All the trackers are 100% tested in The US before shpping.
* You can track this unit from anywhere in the world.
* Remotely cut off fuel/power, Compel the vehicle to stop by breaking off the fuel connection
* ACC detection for ignition status, Be aware of the ignition status whenever you need
* WCDMA & GSM, Use 3G network (outstanding coverage, no 2G worries)
* Configurable tracking modes, Location uploded following fixed distance, time interval, preset
* Multiple analog & digital I/O, Monitor and control external application via inputs/outputs
* SOS emergency call, Thumb sized button allowing urgent call during an emergency case
* Multiple alarms, Instant alert for vibration, overspeed, power off, geo-fence
* Tracked by: SMS, APP, Web Reports iocation in real time through different interfaces

AES Online Tracking Site Subscription Fees:
The monthly fee for AES Online Tracking site varies with the length of your subscription. This fee is from Atlantic Electronic System, Inc. Please see our subscription page for details! For the new GPS tracker which you purchase from our company, You will Receive the first 3 month free subscription to use our Real time Online Tracking host site.

Within 3 months of W.G.T. Online Tracking free trial after your purchase, please call our office to establish a new subscription to continue using our online tracking service. We offer 1 month, 6 months and 12 months subscriptions.

If you need a more than 3 month online tracking subscription click the "Add Online Tracking Subscription" link above.

Warranty and return policy:
All GPS Trackers have a limited one year warranty.
GPS tracker are covered under a 7 day full refund return policy.
Tracking services are non-refundable.
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