RGT90 Real-time GPS Tracker <br>with Waterproof Mag Case<br>(60 Day Standby Battery)

RGT90 Real-time GPS Tracker
with Waterproof Mag Case
(60 Day Standby Battery)

Item# RGT90
Availability: Usually ships the same business day.
* Each GPS Tracker includes a 1 month GPS Tracking Subscription
* Each GPS Tracker arrives Pre-Activated

We have made GPS Tracking simple. Each GPS Tracker arrives Pre-Activated, ready to use, no set up needed. Just attached this GPS tracker to your vehicle and log in to the Mobile App or PC/Mac with your secure ID and Password. Our GPS Tracking servers will provide you with a detailed map and show you where a vehicle is currently located, updating every 20 seconds. Review the vehicle's previous locations in full detail. Monitor the speed and duration of each trip.

The small (6" x 4" x 2") Waterproof magnetic case included can stick on the bottom of the vehicle and withstand cold temperatures, hot temperatures, bumps in the road, dirt roads, dust, car accidents, collisions, and most other unexpected events and conditions.

Easy to setup, The GPS tracker connects to local cellular networks to send GPS coordinates to our server, A Pre-Activated SIM Cards will come Pre-installed into your tracker, You just need insert the SIM card into the GPS tracker to turn it on and attach the magnetic case to a steel portion of the vehicle's chassis. When you're ready to track it just log in to our App or Website to track it live or view any previous activity.

This GPS Tracker can run up to 60 days on a single charge. It powers on automatically by vibration or by movement and goes to sleep when still. This feature reduces the battery's power consumption, allowing the unit to run longer. The 60 days estimation is based on a driving period of 1 hour of driving time per day.

* All the trackers are 100% tested in The US before shipping.
* You can track this unit from anywhere in the world.
* Not only can it be used to track a vehicle, you can use it as a Personal or Pet or any moving thing.
* Supports 4 GSM frequencies, 850/900/1800/1900 MHZ
* Small and easy to hide, The core unit inside case only 2.6"x1.9"x0.7".

Before your 1 Month subscription ends you'll need to purchase, please call our office to establish a new subscription to continue using our online tracking service. We offer 1 month, 6 months and 12 months subscriptions.

If you need a more than 1 month online tracking subscription click the "Add Online Tracking Subscription" link above.

Warranty and return policy:
All GPS Trackers have a limited one year warranty.
GPS tracker are covered under a 7 day full refund return policy.
Tracking services are non-refundable.
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