GPS Tracking Subscriptions

This subscription is for the WGT online tracking service, Also includes wireless cellular SIM Card service. detail please see the GPS tracker instruction .

All Real time GPS Trackers come with a free 1 month trial online tracking subscription. After the trial ends, if you would like to continuously using the online tracking service, Please purchase a 3 month or 6 months or 12 months subscription.

There are three types of subscriptions, Economic and Standard and Premium.

Economic Service allows you to connect and track your GPS tracker in Real time with our server with faster speed. Very seldom our server will be down for maintenance or Power/Internet loss, but when it does go down, you will not be able to track your GPS tracker.

Advance Service (Not available on this website, Call for detail) delivers less downtime and allow you to connect to a 2nd remote server when the default server is down for maintenance or Power/Internet loss. The Premium service has a dual server feature which allow your GPS Tracker to sent and save coordinates to both servers simultaneously.
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